Do you mind if I share a little rant?

Last Saturday, my wife and I attended our kids’ parent-teacher conference.

It’s an annual PT conference that we usually skip (he he) but this time we were told that the school will be introducing a new online learning system for students with the help of tablets.

So we really needed to be there.

I was actually excited to know more about this online system because as someone who earns a living in the digital space and being an online teacher/learner myself, I am very open to the idea of my kids learning through online tools and at the same time they will carry less of those heavy physical books in their backpacks.

(Because every time I see them carrying around those heavy bags, I really worry a lot about their backs.)

In fact, as tech savvy parents, we started giving our old smartphones to our kids (who are 11 and 10-year olds) since last year.

That way, they can start learning how to use social media (Facebook) and how to group chat with us and their friends (Messenger).

(But of course, we control their gadget time (weekends only) so as not to interfere with their studies and we monitor their usage as well.)

Now back to my story… so the speaker of that PTC demonstrated to us on stage how the online system works…and it was great!

As a parent who tutors his kids, this is a welcome development because I no longer have to write down or print test reviewers for my kids.

I just need to logon to the online system, and then voila…my kids can answer the reviewers directly in our computer.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

But wait…

During the Q&A portion of the PTC, there was this parent who was really not happy about this new program.

She was saying things like:

“We don’t allow our child to use gadgets at home. Why are you forcing us to use this online system?”

“Yes this is a supplementary program and we are not required to use the program at home. But what happens to my kid if she is the only one not doing this at home? She will get left behind by her classmates.”

And she went on and on, hogging the mic for about 20 minutes, never relenting to the explanations of the speaker.

In my mind I was saying to her:

“Why are you blaming the school for adapting to digital world?”

I was also thinking:

“Even if the school did not implement this online program, your kid will still feel left behind by her peers — who talk about YouTubers, Pokemon and Fortnite, every single day. Why don’t you look in the mirror first!”

And so finally, the lady let go of the mic.

But after that, an old man naman started berating the school official about this online program.

So, feeling irritated, I said to my wife:

“Let’s go na.”

And we left the theater together with other groups of parents who “get it”.

As my wife and I were walking outside, I just said to her:

“Hay naku, adapt or die!”

It’s 2018, the world wide web is already 20+ years old.

Not being judgmental, but unfortunately, there are still people who think that gadgets and the web is bad.

And please don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to have your own rules for your child about gadget use….because you know what’s best for your child.

You are the parent.

But please don’t blame the others — the school, fellow parents, the faculty, the students — if they’ve already embraced the digital way of life…and you haven’t.

23 years ago, somebody by the name of Bill Gates said this:

“The Internet is a tidal wave. It will wash over the computer industry and many others, drowning those who don’t learn to swim in its waves.”

(Remember this was 23 years ago!)

What about you? Have you adapted to the digital revolution happening around you now?

Are you swimming in its waves or against it? May point ba ang rant ko? 🙂

I would like to hear your thoughts, really.  Please COMMENT below, I’m all ears.


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash