Marv de Leon is the host of Freelance Blend Podcast, the top business podcast in iTunes Philippines, and the tribe leader of Freelance Blend, a growing community of Filipino freelancers. After working for 18 years in the financial services industry (employed by top global institutions), he decided to leave his high-paying job to become a full-time freelancer and a work from home family man.

Marv has a degree in Business Management from the De La Salle University. He is based in Manila and works as a business coach, speaker, writer and is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.

A Timeline of Marv’s Career
From a corporate slave to podcaster, Marv is now a sought-after speaker and business coach. Let’s take a look at his journey.


Marv joins HSBC


Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki changes the way Marv views life.
Marv de Leon joins Global Payments


Marv transferred and worked as an executive in a global financial services company.


Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog inspires Marv to become a blogger/podcaster.
Freelance Camp Manila logo

OCT 2013

Marv attends Freelance Camp Manila.

NOV 2013

Marv creates Freelance Blend’s Meetup Group.
Freelance Blend MeetUp Group

JAN 2014

The Freelance Blend podcast is launched along with

JAN 2014

Marv launches his blog,
Freelance Blend + Manila Workshops collaboration
Freelance Blend + Manila Workshops collaboration

AUG 2014

Marv conducts his first workshop in collaboration with Manila Workshops.

OCT 2014

Marv was invited to speak at the Freelance Camp where he was just an attendee last year.
Marv de Leon speaks at Freelance Camp Manila 2014
Marv de Leon's article appears in Malaya newspaper

NOV 2014

Malaya Business Insight publishes Marv’s first newspaper article.

JUNE 2015

Marv retires from corporate life.
freelanceblend podcast

NOV 2015

Cyberpreneur Philippines, a book co-edited by Marv, was launched.

NOV 2015 was chosen as a finalist for the Business and Finance category of Bloggys (Philippine Blogging Awards).
Freelance Blend becomes a finalist of the Philippine Blogging Awards